On October, 27, 2019, with the blessings from Archbishop Kirill of San Francisco and West America, Archpriest Peter Perekrestov, a sacristan at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Most Holy Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow, in San Francisco, arrived to Russia, bringing with him a portion of the Holy relics of St. John (Maximovich) Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco which he passed over to the parish of the Theotokos of Tikhvin, Patriarchal Metochion at the Simonov monastery in Moscow.

Collective prayer (moleben) was celebrated in front of the holy relics with acathistus to St. John sung by a choir of parishioners and pilgrims, and translated simultaneously into the sign language.   

We were joined by hieromonk Ioasaph (Petrovykh) of the Zaikonospassky monastery in Moscow, who holds a position of the Senior secretary at the Moscow Patriarchate administration.

Than the Parish priest Evgeny Morozov addressed the assembly. He started with expressing gratitude to the Western American diocese in general and personally to Archbishop Kirill and to Archpriest Peter for an opportunity to pray in front of St. John’s holy relics.  “St. John really unites the Russian Orthodox Church and The Russian Orthodox Church Outside  of Russia, he said. —  His whole life gives us another reason to turn to him in our prayers.  He studied law and protected those in need, suffered from certain speech problems. Now, to restore the buildings of the former Simonov monastery, we need constant legal support, many of our parishioners have hearing problems and cannot speak clearly. I do hope that the Tikhvin Church will turn into a place of pilgrimage for those who wish to worship the Saint and his holy relics”.

During the service a portion of the holy relics of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco was also passed over to the parish of St. Alexander Nevsky in Tomsk. It was collected by its parish priest archpriest Sergey Nikanorov  and some of his parishioners who had arrived to Moscow for this occasion.

It is worth remembering that here in the Church of the Theotokos of Tikhvin of the former Simonov monastery in Moscow we have an icon of St. John, which is the largest in Moscow. Collective prayer with acathistus to St. John is held every Sunday at 5pm.

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